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A matching Score Tower and Drink holder made using PVC pipes and vehicle cup holders.

Instructions contributed by Cornhole Game Players Forum member Vick3.  Tall PVC tower, with drink holders, does a nice job of displaying the score and holding beverages.

What You Need:

  • *12 9” PVC PIPES (1”)
  • *6 T’S
  • *2 – 48” PVC PIPES
  • *10 END CAPS
  • *GLUE
  • *6 X 24” ¼” THICK BOARD
  • *1” NUMBERS (1 TO 21) can find at the store, near the mailboxes (5 PACKAGES)
  • *DRILL

Score Tower Instructions

  • Place your numbers on the board starting from bottom and working way up the board with 1 on the bottom. You may take the exacto knife or scissors and cut the numbers out (keeping the backing on) and determine how you want them organized up the board.
  • Remove backing and place on the numbers. (My boards are OSU and WVU so, on the top I separated the teams)
  • I put the words “Scoreboard Tower” down the center.
  • My carriage bold went in the space between the 2 words.
  • Determined on your 48” PVC pipe where you want your cup holders. (You will need to cut the hanging bar off the cup holder to get to stay up flat against the pole.)
  • Drill hole through your board where you want the carriage bold. Have it up against the pipe so that a mark will be made into it. Remove board and drill completely through the pipe.
  • Using the brush apply your first layer of Poly to the board.
  • Sand all the pipe, T’s and end caps.
  • Using spray paint for plastic, pray paint you pipes. Be careful to only paint one “side” at a time or the paint will still to whatever surface you have it laying on. Spray each item with two layers.
  • Apply second coat of Poly to board.
  • Once all items are dry, sand again the ends that you will want to remove later for storage. The only ones I sanded were the bottoms of the two 48” pipes.
  • Put together your stand first. And place end caps on.
  • Take tower and insert into middle T.
  • Now get your cup holders and the split ring hangers. Place the cups together on the pipe. Take the ring and encircle the back of the cup holders just below the ring at top of pipe. By doing this it gives extra support to the cup holders.
  • Repeat this step to the other pipe as well.
  • Once your board is dry, attach it to the pipe using the carriage bolt and wing nut.


Again, our boards are WVU and OSU, so I thought it would be neat to have my markers be the same as the boards. I used plastic decoration pieces and super glued to plastic clips. Be sure to leave a little bit of the clip exposed to be able to accurately point to number on board.

The clips have a circular handle and the back. So I drilled two holes on the top of my board and tied the string to the clip. I then stuck the other end of the string through the hole in the board and tide a single knot on the back side to keep sting in place. This way, the clips will not fall to the ground. Because we all know the reason for having the cup holders is to prevent ourselves from having to waste precious Cornhole energy by bending down to pick up your drink, why should the clip be any different?

There not should be any need for sand or concrete since the base of the towers are wide enough. My set is very sturdy with or without drinks in the holders

Hope that you can use these instructions to build yourself a Scoreboard Drink Holder Combo.

Thanks, Crystal Vickers aka Vick3

DOWNLOAD & PRINT –(PDF) PVC Score Tower / Drink Holder

Design by Cornhole Game Players Forum member By Vick3