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Here’s something unique! This score tower uses legos to keep track of the score. The main part of this tower is built with wood, but the scoring section uses lego pieces as scoring markers.  A metal rod is used as a spike for use on grass.

This design was submitted by Cornhole Game Players Forum member cfd343.

Lego Score Tower Instructions

Here is my scoreboard that I use around my place. It is consists of materials that most of us who have children already have – LEGO- the darn stuff that you always seem to step on! All of these following steps and sizes are subject to your own requirements.

Dimensions and materials

  • 40″ or so x 4″ of lumber (oak, pine etc.)
  • 6″ of capping (same material as above)
  • 12″ or so of a steel rod, threaded stock etc.
  • 2 “U” nails
  • 1 1/8″ x 13 3/4″ strip of LEGO
  • 2 small blocks of LEGO for markers

The legos are really the main concept for this design.  You can really use any materials to get the basic design for the score tower to your liking.  On the other hand, if you happen to like this tower design, but not the Lego aspect,


Building Instructions

Begin by cutting stock to length.

Glue LEGO Strip to centre of wood (contact cement works great)

Number 1-21 down both sides of strip

Sharpen one end of steel rod (goes in ground)

From the backside, nail the steel rod to your wood by using 2 “U” nails

Stick scoreboard in ground

Using the LEGO blocks as scoring pieces, you are all set to play.

DOWNLOAD & PRINT – (PDF) Score Tower using Legos

Design by Cornhole Game Players Forum member CFD343