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Looking for more than just boards and bags? You’re in the right place! We have building instructions for a variety of great score towers and drink holders!  All instructions come courtesy of the members of the Cornhole Game Players forum.

No game is complete without a way to keep score.  Check out a few of our wacky Score Towers.

Scoretower / Drink Holder Combos

Scoreboard / Drink Holder

Tmann’s Scoreboard / Drink Holder Combo Instructions. This PVC Score Tower includes a pair of drink holders. A very nice score keeper. How to Build a Scoreboard / Drink Holder Combo

Wood Score Tower

The Natural’s Score Tower Instructions. These are directions for a tall score tower that is made out of wood. How to Build a Score Tower

Wooden Scoreboard / Drink Holder

BuckIBoards’ Scoreboard / Drink Holder Directions. A low standing, V shaped score keeper with an area to hold drinks or other accessories. How to build a Scoreboard / Drink Holder

PVC Score Tower / Drink Holder

Vick3′s Scoreboard / Drink Holder Instructions. Instructions to build a tall PVC tower with drink holders. How to build a Drink Holder

Score Tower using Legos

Instructions for Building a Score Tower that includes Legos. Designed by forum member “cfd343.” Use Legos to keep score.

How to Build a PVC Drink Table

JPLarson’s instructions for building a very unique PVC Drink Table. How to build a PVC Drink Table

Have Something Better?

We’re always looking to add new sets of instructions! If you’ve put together an awesome score tower or drink holder that you’d like to share, please let us know. Contact us, and we’ll see if we can get your directions added.